Reducing stress when buying or selling a home

The home buying process is one of the most exciting times in your life, but it can also be one of the most emotional and stressful experiences that you will endure. Take a deep breath and relax.  You are in the care of the Linda Swan team, who has been successfully navigating the real estate waters of Southeastern Wisconsin for over 25 years.  They will help keep you stress-free through the entire home-buying/selling process.

“Linda Swan and her team are easy to work with in what can sometimes be a stressful experience. Linda and her team were there to make things easier for me. Elisa came home from vacation and met with me immediately to begin the bid acceptance process,” -Kerry Bareika, Linda Swan Team Client.

Here are a few tips our team wants to share with you in order to help minimize your home-buying stress:
1. Know what you want in a home
You will be spending time looking at homes that may not match all of your needs & wants. If you are specific about your requirements, the Linda Swan team can narrow down the search and offer better options to help you find the best home for your family.

2. Be flexible in your requirements
In some cases, there just is no such thing as the perfect home, so you need to be as flexible as possible. Prioritize your wants & needs to determine which features you may be able to live without. You may not be able to find everything on your list, but you can certainly find a home with a majority of your preferences.  Decide what’s most important to you and your family, and be a bit flexible with your requirements.

3. Get pre-approved for a mortgage loan ahead of time
It’s always advantageous to get pre-approved for a mortgage before bidding on homes. If you were to fall in love with a home, only to learn that you’re ineligible for financing, it could leave you with a negative feeling. Save yourself some stress and heartache.   Get your finances in order early on in the process.

4. Listen to Linda and Elisa of the Linda Swan Team
The process of buying and selling real estate today demands an increased focus of knowledge and experience. As a top realtor in Southeastern Wisconsin, Linda Swan and her team bring a highly respected level of integrity, tough negotiating skills and pride to serving your home buying and selling needs.

“When our bid was accepted, I was afraid of what I’d gotten myself into. The Linda Swan team walked me through every aspect and assured me that we had everything in control.” – Kerry Bareika.

Having a great real estate agent is essential to getting you the best offer and preventing stressful situations down the road. If we recommend adding certain contingencies to an offer, such as a requirement that the seller make a certain repair, heed the advice, it can save you a lot of money and stress in the future.

5. Save plenty of cash
This could be one of the most expensive transactions you’re ever going to make, so be sure you understand the cost of buying a home before taking the leap into this process.

“Linda and her team were a joy to work with. My fiance and I are proud and happy homeowners because of Linda’s diligent efforts.  We could not be more pleased with the results,” said Melissa Graham, a Linda Swan Team client.

If you are selling a home or interested in buying one, contact the Linda Swan team today! We enjoy helping our clients in Southeastern Wisconsin.  We are with them every step of the way and help them to achieve their dreams.   We help make them feel secure in one of the biggest and most exciting decisions of their life.

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