Start Planning Now for Spring Real Estate Deals!

Start Planning Now for Spring Real Estate Deals!

If you are planning to buy a home this spring, you should start the process now to get the jump on other potential buyers. Linda Swan of Linda Swan & Associates – Re/Max Elite has over 25 years of experience in helping buyers find not just properties, but places they will be proud to call home.

When anticipating that home purchase, buyers should first and foremost consider the following three things:

  • Enlist the support of the best realtor! Top realtors are busy for a reason. They get results. Linda Swan has been one of the most productive, successful realtors in Kenosha and Racine counties for 25 years for a reason. She has a unique ability to understand the purchasing priorities of the people she represents. She has the knowledge and expertise buyers value and, as a result, she is able to move quickly. She understands the legal and procedural challenges most buyers expect from their realtor. Her reputation is that of integrity, tough negotiating skills and pride in her work – all resulting in better results for her buyers.
  • Know the process. Homebuyers, especially first-time home buyers, can get bogged down in the give and take of offers, counter-offers, inspections, title searches and all of the other procedural impediments that a good realtor can oversee for them. It is in your best interest to know the process so that you can avoid setbacks due to miscalculating timing (how long does it take to get your mortgage approved?), contingent sales, surveys, inspections, etc. Before buyers enter the market, they should have their finances in order. Know your credit score and take steps to improve it where possible.
  • Think ahead. Do you anticipate living in this house five years from now?  Save for that down payment – a strong down payment offer can many times be the difference between buyers. Know what you are looking for and be sure you can afford what you want. Get to know neighborhoods, schools if that matters, shopping needs and any potential zoning questions or issues. Be wary of deal-breakers – if you are interested in a house that has “fixer-upper” potential, be sure that you anticipate the costs of doing those renovations. Like a big yard and a garden? Be sure you are anticipating the work that goes along with them – even though they can be great amenities, not everybody has a green thumb.


The housing market in Kenosha is extremely hot right now and many times great houses, like the one you may be looking for, do not last long on the market. By enlisting the help of Linda Swan and her team at Linda Swan & Associates – ReMax Elite you can be sure that your realtor will keep abreast of new listings and will always have your purchase priorities foremost in their mind. That way, if your dream home becomes available, you will have a realtor that will give you the best possible chance of getting it.

Call Linda Swan today to make an appointment to talk about the home you want to buy.

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Category: Buyer Articles