Selling your home in the new year

Tips for Selling your Home in the New Year

You’ve decided! 2017 is the year you will sell your home! You are so determined that it is your 2017 New Year’s Resolution.

Now that you have wrestled over this difficult decision, don’t wait until next year to start.

Keep these tips in mind as you prepare to sell your home in the new  year:

Sell first, buy later. It can be a dilemma – should you sell your home before or after you buy? Unless you are prepared to possible carry two mortgages, sell your home FIRST.

The market is fast paced. Today’s buyers are busy people and will want you to work with their schedule. Keep this in mind as you prepare your home and plan for open houses and/or showings.

Stage, clean and declutter. Real Estate 101 is to clean your closets, clear the counters and “depersonalize” as much as you can. You want the potential buyer to see your home as what it could be for THEM, not how it works for YOU.

Select your agent now. Your agent can advise you on prepping your home and help you determine best market price for your neighborhood. Bringing your agent in early also allows for time to schedule professional photo shoots to best showcase your home. Working with your agent, from the beginning, can give you a running start ahead of the competition.

And YES, this is a competition. You are selling your home – marketing your home – at the same time as hundreds of others. You need to make sure it stands out above the rest! Staging, marketing and your Real Estate agent will be vital in your race to the finish line (aka SOLD!)

Hire the best. Your Real Estate agent will be your guide through the ups and downs of the market. In 2017, selling your home is not all it takes – you need to MARKET your home and the right agent will be KEY with photos, websites, videos, virtual tours and more! Today’s savvy buyers are weeding out homes at a lightening pace online. The right agent will help you market your home so that buyers will be lined up for your open house. Agents, like the Linda Swan team, can make the difference between selling your home fast or potentially hosting endless (and fruitless) open houses.

For more information on listing your home, contact the Linda Swan team today.

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Category: Seller Articles