6 Reason Linda Swan is the Best Realtor

Why Linda Swan is the Best Realtor for you!

6 reason Linda Swan is the best realtor

    Three decades of successfully closing deals.
    Current, informed, connected.
    You’re glad she’s on your side.
    “We are pleased.”, “Linda is very knowledgeable.”, “I would definitely recommend Linda!”
    Making contacts that benefit you – Lakefront, stores, fundraisers and festivals.
    Led the Board of Realtors; colleagues call her with new listings and to get leads

If you are looking to buy or sell a home in Kenosha, it is vital that you select a real estate agent who is going to live up to your expectations. There is nothing worse than enlisting the help of someone who really doesn’t understand your priorities or appreciate your needs.

The Kenosha market has been hot of late. That means homes are for sale near Downtown Kenosha, buyers are interested in homes located on the north side near UW-Parkside and more. That means buyers need to move quickly and make offers that will help them purchase the home of their dreams at a price they can afford. Sellers need an agent who can position them where their home is going to be at the forefront of the listing services and in the minds of realtors throughout our community.

Linda Swan and her team at Swan & Associates – Re/Max Elite stands out in conversations about the best real estate agents in Kenosha. If you are serious about buying or selling a home in the Kenosha area it is vital that you speak to Linda and her team and we think you will see why people have such a high opinion of how she represents you throughout the buying and selling process.

There are six basic qualities you should keep in mind in selecting your Kenosha area realtor. Swan & Associates – Re/Max Elite is at the top of the list for the all of the attributes that are important to you.

EXPERIENCE – Not just putting in time, but experience actually successfully closing deals where buyers and sellers walk away satisfied and happy. Linda has nearly three decades of satisfactorily closing real estate transactions throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Her customers know her to be “the best” at what she does.

MARKET KNOWLEDGE – As a buyer, you want a real estate agent who can direct you to homes that will increase in value over time. Sellers benefit from an agent who understands Kenosha neighborhoods and what they offer to potential buyers. Linda and her team live in Kenosha and have for their entire lives. They know the best shopping areas, schools, low crime areas – all of the things that discriminating buyers look for when purchasing the home of their dreams.

PROVEN NEGOTIATING SKILLS – One of the things that comes with experience is the ability to take whatever curves the negotiations throw at you and respond in a way that gives you the greatest leverage. Linda Swan has a reputation for being aggressive and effective on behalf of her customers.

REFERENCES/TESTIMONIALS – People who’ve had extremely favorable transactions in the buying or selling of their homes use glowing terms to describe Linda. Linda’s customers love her responsiveness, her hands-on approach to staying engaged with them throughout the process, and her ability to help buyers get the absolute best deal on the best house. And, sellers maximize their potential for selling quickly for a reasonable price.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT – Good real estate agents understand the importance of giving back and staying connected with community organizations. That’s why Linda Swan’s team is very visible at community festivals, non-profit fundraisers and at the great community activities of Kenosha’s many service clubs. Whether it be on the board of Habitat for Humanity or as President of the Kenosha Board of Realtors, the team at Swan & Associates, Re/Max Elite stays active and visible to help our communities in ways outside of their job descriptions.

HIGH PROFILE RECOGNIZED FIRM – Two or three real estate firms in Kenosha and Racine Counties are at the forefront of every conversation when residents or potential residents begin the thought process of who would be best to help them buy or sell a home. Swan & Associates, Re/Max Elite is one of those firms. We are large enough to give you access to every possible resource. But we are also small enough to give you that personal, hands-on representation that every one of our customers expects and deserves.

Find out why everyone is talking about Swan & Associates, Re/Max Elite. Our customers are excited about the deals we have delivered and they are not afraid to talk about them. Contact Swan & Associates, Re/Max Elite at 262-925-3025 today for help in buying or selling a home.


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